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DDeM – Effective Communication Management


Experience and results

from a number of sectors of the economy and public administration allow us to propose unique solutions to the communication and PR needs of our clients. Each project is unique for us, each client is approached individually.

In addition to perfect knowledge of the domestic media environment and an extensive network of good relations in the economic, media and public sphere, we build our strategic projects on the analyses of critical sectors of the economy, trends in the field of PR, marketing and management of companies. We follow the development of media market, changes in legislation, economic and political situation, and changes in consumer behaviour.

We prefer long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation to just one contract with quick profit. Our relationships with clients are built on absolute trust, reliability and confidentiality of information, and shared responsibility for the results. Success for us always means success for the client.

Over the years, we have realised dozens of successful projects for our clients. We provide long-term services to a number of companies. We enjoy our work in PR and communication, we understand it and do it well.