Development of a long-term plan for the communication and publicity of the GAZEL gas pipeline project

NET4GAS holds an exclusive natural gas license in the Czech Republic, annually transports about 45 billion m3 of natural gas, operates over 3,800 km of gas pipelines, employs more than 500 employees.

Realization: September 2010 through January 2013

Primary areas of expert cooperation

  • Preparation and implementation of a communication strategy for the construction of the international transit pipeline Gazela - the largest structure in this field since the post-revolution period of the Czech Republic.
  • Providing comprehensive PR support and media lobbying.
  • Organization of a series of events connected with the commencement and completion of key milestones of the construction with the participation of the top representatives of the Czech state.
The largest gas structure in the last 30 years in the Czech Republic