• We are with you from the introductory meetings and negotiations through the celebratory signing of the contract, to the launching of well known projects or introducing new ones, even after cultural, group and sports activities.
  • We have experience with events not only in the Czech Republic but also in Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal or Slovakia. We have successfully organized and delivered presentations at foreign trade fairs.
  • On the basis of a joint meeting we will submit to you a written offer of the proposed program, production of the event with an entire framework schedule, technical description, catering, and the presentation of the personnel responsible for the DDeM and itemized budget.




  • We have a good personal experience with our suppliers. Thanks to the many years of working together, we are always able to ensure optimal conditions and favorable pricing.
  • We have an extensive database of attractive spaces each containing quality facilities and services.
  • We devise and oversee the entire event, up to and including booking of performers and musical performances, all the way to ordering hostesses.




  • We prepare activities that coincide with a communication plan for proper presentation of the event. Part of the promotion will be the so-called complete branding, which supports the popularity and image of your brand and connects them effectively to the event.
  • We will take care of addressing the participants and registering them. We design and send out invitations and all other messages. It takes just one click to log in to our organized events. We ensure complete response management.
  • Your data is safe with us. We use our own system of corporate security servers.