Communication of Products and Services

We are successful thanks to a well targeted, organized and timed mix of communication activities. The result is customer loyalty, retention and sales growth.

  • We define key messages for each target group and transform them into creative solutions designed for selected communication channels. We direct the preparation of advertising messages, media purchases, PR activities and communication on social media.
  • Through inbound marketing (PR articles, interviews, and discussions), we make sure that customers start searching for our clients’ products on their own. In order to drive up demand and support visibility, we organize themed promotional events. We add the value to your products by publishing recommendations from recognized experts and influencers.
  • We support product PR campaigns with interactive web applications and creative use of social networks. We firmly believe that the best and most effective promoters of our clients’ products and services are their loyal users – customers.



Media Relations and Media Lobbying

Our relationships with the media are built on trust, reliability and mutual benefits. We supply them with interesting topics, themes and exclusive information.

  • Over the years, we have created a broad network of good relationships with publishers, regional and national media, as well as journalists and reporters covering both social events and specific industries. We understand the principles of the media market and the work of journalists. We can manage crisis communication and we know which media to deploy to reach the right target groups.
  • We prepare high-quality press releases, interviews and PR articles, as well. We provide complete market monitoring and media analysis of your competitors. We also train the client how to work with the media and use them to their advantage
  • We prepare quality press conferences for our clients and ensure the participation of journalists and their appropriate media coverage. We organize attractive press trips, exclusive interviews and informal meetings with selected representatives of influential media and individual influencers.



Crisis Communication

Together, we can overcome any critical moment and use it for a successful growth of your business or career.

  • We focus on avoiding problems before they even start. We specialize on the development of preventative systems that can identify and respond to critical moment even before their outbreak.
  • Our Early Warning System is based on regular press monitoring and analysis of competition behavior, changes on the market, in legislation, and in the attitudes of customers, as well as the general public. It helps us detect the signs of a potential problem and eliminate the risk of crisis at its early stage.
  • We work with our clients to develop effective crisis communication rules and training system for our clients. Thanks to that they are able to address any future risks and crisis more effectively and, most of all, in time. And if the crisis actually breaks out, we have enough experience, scenarios and contacts to mitigate its impacts, or even turn it into a new opportunity.



Corporate Publications and Websites

Corporate magazines, newspapers, internet newsletters and intranet publications are an important calling card of every company.

  • We professionally process genre-diverse texts, including proofreading and photographic works. We design corporate printed materials and coordinate work within the DTP studio.
  • We carry out a comprehensive analysis of a company’s website. We recommend adjusting its structure, design, and making changes to text and layout, and recommend ways to better reposition your site to boost your search results. We design appropriate interactive tools for communication with both your clients and employees.
  • We specialize in the creation of fully themed web sites. We take advantage of social networking to specifically support specific projects, product PR, or to influence the opinion of selected target groups.