Communication Project Management

  • We provide turn-key projects, from an initial analysis and consultations, through project design approval, to implementation and measurement of results. Throughout the entire project cycle, the client has a detailed overview of project progress, costs, milestones and overall outcomes.
  • We have valuable experience with rebranding and brand repositioning projects, implementation of effective marketing and sponsorship strategies or PR projects to promote new products and services.
  • We carry out corporate communication audits. We focus on the implementation of corporate culture and values in day-to-day business operations. We communicate companies’ change and transformation projects.



Analysis and Consultations

  • We perceive analysis and consulting as a single unit. Each of our recommendations is always based on the perfect knowledge of the baseline situation which makes it possible for us to prepare specific and effective recommendations, as well as complete, ready-to-go communication strategies.
  • We deliver media analysis, corporate communications audits, as well as competitive intelligence systems. We provide advice on crisis communication, internal communication, product PR communication, and corporate social responsibility. We will help you set up a successful Media Relations, Media Lobbying and Public Affairs strategy.
  • By analyzing the market environment, media and prominent figures, we find out who your allies, opponents and potential threats are, and why. We identify influencers and lobbyist groups. We show you the ways and means to use them to your advantage.



Corporate Communication Audit

  • In internal communication, we focus on the organization and integration of the communication department within the corporate hierarchy. We map out the processes, information flows, and composition and effectiveness of communication channels. We identify the role of management and the competences and capacities of the internal communication department.
  • Measuring effectiveness is key to auditing external communication. We find new themes, recommend suitable media and individual journalists, and identify possible savings where existing activities fail to yield desired outcomes.
  • The audit results in a comprehensive proposal of specific process, personnel and organizational changes for which we can provide our project management services, including a proposal of the method to measure the effectiveness of the implemented measures.