Strategic Internal Communication

  • One of the biggest problems and challenges to internal communication is the ability to influence the behavior of employees to keep them in line with the company's corporate values and corporate culture.
  • We offer to work on a strategy of internal communication, design and implementation of a communication plan, developing processes, communication channels and feedback mechanisms.
  • For our clients, we ensure the production of corporate magazines, on-line newsletters or intranet turn-key portals. We work directly with HR departments in various companies and are also responsible for organizing events for employees.



HR Communication and Change Management

  • Employees' awareness stagnates despite the growing number of communication possibilities and channels. This is due to information overload and the introduction of new channels, and a failure to differentiate priorities and target groups.
  • In the area of HR communication, we primarily focus on the creation and management of communication tools and on the preparation and implementation of effective communication campaigns of HR projects (diversity, non-financial motivation etc.)
  • We provide comprehensive support for transformation and organizational projects; we also participate in the formulation of key messages for target groups and in collecting feedback.



Employer Brand Management

  • We can help you become the preferred employer by changing the settings of your HR communication, which leads to a better targeted recruitment, larger pool of quality applicants, and increased effectiveness and success in the candidate selection.
  • We focus on strengthening employees’ loyalty to the corporate brand, company culture and values with the aim to increase the motivation and performance of people and their commitment, and to lower staff turnover and absenteeism.
  • We have experience with the preparation and management of communication campaigns with varied scope and focus, in which all the key tools of external and internal communication have been used. We will be happy to show you how.