Advisory activity in the field of media relations in close connection with public affairs activities

Since 2015, we have been providing consultation to the second largest labor union in the country in the areas of external communications, media relations, crisis communication and methods to help build relationships with stakeholders. In particular, the defense of the interests of the members of the Association in ensuring open and free enterprise with fair conditions in trade and tourism.

Primary activities

  • Analysis of the monitoring system for timely and early identification of threats to prevent a potential communication crisis.
  • Generating positive themes for profiling brands SOCR ČR and its leading representative.
  • Communicating support activities in the area of public affairs connected with regulating commerce and the prevention of worsening conditions for members of enterprises.
  • Preparing strategies of communication towards laws related to commerce and tourism.
  • Coordinating activities with public affairs partners.
  • Establishing purposeful alliances in the pursuit of achieving goals for the union and its members.
  • Positively supporting the reputation of commerce and tourism.
  • Setting up meetings with journalists and holding press conferences on specific topics.
  • Ensuring complete and continual communication projects for the Diamond quality league - quality references for services rendered in sales of all sizes and types.
  • Organizing a Gala dinner to announce the results of the Diamond quality league.
  • Organizing separately themed conferences and seminars, especially relevant to laws and regulations of commerce and tourism.
  • Securing participation of SOCR ČR in trade shows as well as building presentation stands and all of its content.
We are in the media every day
Dealing with and focusing on the most important topics for the largest retail chains in the Czech Republic.