Consultancy activities in the area of PR and HR

Description: Since 2004 we have provided consultancy for communication with the public and communication with employees in the energy group RWE and Innogy in the Czech Republic. Throughout our collaboration, we have been able to participate in all types of relevant communication activities. Thanks to this, DDeM is now the leader in communication within the energy sector.

Primary areas of expert cooperation

  • Preparation of communication strategies and action item lists for external and internal communication.
  • Creation and management of an application to help create and implement a HR communication plan.
  • Company rebranding - Renaming RWE to Innogy, internal and external campaigns, print, social networks, and PR articles.
  • Employer Branding Innogy - formulation of a strategy, implementation of the project, and internal and external campaigns that aims at making the Innogy brand more attractive as a top employer.
  • Preparation and presentation of key press conferences (economic achievements, new products, strategic changes) - providing: background, invitations, site selection, media work, and outlets.
  • Presenting Innogy at important cultural and social events in which they partnered - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Between Fences, Prague Spring International Music Festival, etc.
  • Implementation of internal employee research and feedback - satisfaction with benefits, HR services, corporate culture, a flexible working style.
  • Preparation and implementation of internal campaigns for transformative projects - documentation, texts, posters, e-mail communications, and intranet.
  • Complete media services - journalist and media database management, PR articles, events and excursions for journalists.
  • Internal events and conferences for management and staff, Days of diversity, Woman to Lead, etc.
  • Preparation and production of thematic (electronic or printed) brochures, publications and presentations for employees - concepts, content, graphic design and printing.
  • Ensuring the active participation of top management representatives in professional conferences.
  • Internal and external PR company management.
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