Preparation of the communication strategy and implementation of the project Celebration of 100 Years of the Foundation of the Czech Gas Association

The Czech Gas Association is an independent association of companies and experts operating in the gas industry and related sectors. Since 1992, it has been building on the rich activity of its predecessors who in 1919 had already founded the Czechoslovak Gas and Water Association in Czechoslovakia and were co-founders of the International Gas Union (IGU) in 1931. The ČPS currently links together more than 200 professional associations and companies, over 260 individual members and over 60 honorary members.

Implementation: April – November 2019

Primary areas of expert cooperation

  • Organisation of the attendance of journalists at the ČPS professional symposium (April – start of celebrations)
  • Draft and management of media communication for support of the project of Open House Days (OHD) of gas facilities to the public – setting up cooperation with the publishers Borgis and VLM
  • Creation of the content for the OHD topic: press releases, articles, adverts, invitations, brochures, …
  • Organisation of the presentation of OHD in the Czech Television programme (June – peak of celebrations)
  • Draft and organisation of the ČPS gala evening at Martinic Palace (November – end of the celebrations)