Trust in people,
confidentiality of information
credibility of resources and outputs


Our principles

Our company is not a member of any professional association, because in the membership in today's existing institutions in the Czech Republic we find neither meaning nor value for our clients. Our people, partners and collaborators follow in their work the Stockholm Charter, which sets basic standards for the work of PR professionals.

Stockholm Charter

PR agencies are professional service firms that help clients in influencing opinions, attitudes and behaviour. This influence is also related to accountability towards clients, people, the profession and society as a whole.

  • Objective consultancy and services
    PR agencies must not have any interests that might compromise their role as independent consultant. They should approach their clients objectively in order to help them select the optimal communication strategy and approach.
  • Society
    An open society, freedom of speech and free press - these are the elements that create the context for the profession of public relations. Agencies act within the framework of this open society, comply with its rules and work with clients who have the same approach.
  • Confidentiality of information
    Trust is the foundation of the relationship between the client and PR agency. Data provided by the client as confidential and which are not generally known, must not be provided by the agency to third parties without the client's consent.
  • Veracity of information
    A PR agency must not knowingly provide misleading information to the target group, be it in terms of factual information, or in terms of the interests of the represented client. Agencies must do their best to provide accurate and complete information.
  • Keeping promises
    Agencies must work with clients so that they establish clear expectations in advance regarding the results of their work. They must define specific goals for communication activities and then do everything necessary to fulfil these promises. Agencies must not offer guarantees that cannot be met or that compromise the integrity of communication channels.
  • Conflicts of interest
    Agencies may represent clients whose interests are in conflict. The agency may not commence work for a new client with a conflicting interest, without offering the current client the opportunity to exercise all the rights that had been guaranteed to him by the contracts concluded between the client and the agency.
  • Representation
    Agencies may reject or accept a contract based on personal evaluation of the company management or on the basis of the organization's specialisation.
  • Approach and work methods
    PR agencies undertake to act ethically when working with all target groups, and use the best existing practices.

We see the relationship of trust with the client, the confidentiality of all information and the credibility of everything we do as an absolute must, without which we would have neither the chance nor the right to exist.


Your trust speaks volumes about us