Simply put
We enjoy what we do,
and what we enjoy, we know


We know how to

use all our experience, knowledge of the market and extensive network of contacts in the functional economic, media and public sphere in favour of building the brand and reputation of our clients.

We know how to set the corporate communication strategy so that it does not remain on paper, but becomes an effective tool for profiling the business of our clients and increasing the motivation and loyalty of their employees.

We know how to open the gateway to the world of media to our clients, so that the dreaded enemy can become a useful ally. Specifically, in positively influencing the professional and general public, partners, competitors and consumer behaviour.

We can realize for our clients individual turnkey projects, providing them with long-term strategic cooperation, to take over the complete or partial PR agenda.

We know how to realise your ideas in practice in the field of PR communication and are not afraid to assume responsibility for the results of our work.

We understand our work and your needs

We are DDeM - Effective Communication Management

What we know how to do