More than just an international conference of experts

The International Energy Club (IEC) began in the year 2010.  It is an unconventional independent platform that is freely associated with European energy experts. Since its existence, it has built an exclusive position in the Czech Republic. The main players from the industry and presenters of public works offer spaces for meetings about themes, which are decisive in relation to the development of the market, and competitiveness of the Czech Republic and the department of energy in the European Union.

Primary activities

  • Creating a contextual concept for the event, setting up a detailed two-day formal and informal program including: an opening ceremony, an expert conférence, and final banquet and gaining energy-conscious support from key institutions.
  • Meeting with the financial partners of the event, following-up with them to aid in fulfilling their needs and branding the event.
  • Carefully selecting speakers from the Czech Republic and the EU, ensuring their performance at the event and in the media.
  • Meeting with participants, providing them with details of their registration, securing accommodation for them, and continuous and follow up communication.
  • Design and production of invitations and comprehensive information material for participants in the international meeting.
  • Overall production and organization of events, meetings with both domestic and foreign guests as well as suppliers and their coordinators at the venue.
  • Creating a joint statement of conference participants, their media coverage and subsequent distribution to key stakeholders in the energy field.
  • Annual summary of the conference content in a special supplement to the daily E15.
  • Design and completion of an online based platform
The most prestigious energy conference in the Czech Republic
Over 10 years on the marketNow over 10 years on the market.
IEC is a platform for new challenges, innovation and visions in the energy industry.